WordPress Themes – Replace Content to Get Started

WordPress Themes - Replace Content to Get Started

After I purchased this WordPress theme and installed it on my bluehost server space, I pondered how to best get started replacing the dummy content with my own. Carefully, I created back up references of the original code on the main specialty pages and snagged clips of the default views of the pages. The original themes installation package has some images of the default theme. Also, the original code is buried in the theme's original zip file. Yet, I figured my own code references and clips of the original theme could be likened to taking my own notes instead of relying on someone else's.
This isn't the first time I have pondered this question as I have installed other themes on other domains. As expected, themes vary in features and complexities. Also, newer WordPress themes include advanced features that require understanding by any hopeful web developer. As a result, each WordPress theme installation is an adventure requiring careful step by step modifications.

An Easy Method

WordPress themes include many sample pages and post displaying desirable features. This may seem like a no brainier, but an easy way to remove the example pages with your own is to simply open two browser sessions where you modify content on one side before refreshing the page in the other window. Now, considering the pages and posts feed so much of the sample content, modify these aspects of the theme first. First, go to the the Categories for the posts and rename them to something you plan to use. If you are not sure what categories you plan on using or the eventual hierarchy of those categories, simply rename them something like "Original Category 1" and "2" and "3" etc. This is helpful because you now open up any of those posts or pages to be whichever category you later deem useful.
Second, take the top, or most visible page or post of content and write over it. Don't create new pages or posts and try to substitute those already present that came with the theme. I found myself thinking substituting the original theme's content was the best way to go, but contrarily, replacing should be the focus. The difference between substituting and replacing is the difference between changing content versus delete and adding your own in place of content.
Keep replacing, or changing content, until the web site become your own. Along the way, you will learn more how the site is constructed. Search engines will learn that you are gradually replacing the lorem ipsum text with something desirable. Soon, your site will gain presence and evolve into your own source of enjoyment.

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