BYU Basketball’s Corbin Kaufusi Almost Slam Dunk

In this video BYU basketball’s Corbin Kaufusi slams the ball down the hoop with 1:17 left in the 2nd half during the game against Pepperdine on Saturday, January 30th, but the ball jumps back out. Take a look as the ball clears the rim and is caught by the net which then throws it up. At what point should this be considered a basket? If someone tied the net together so the ball couldn’t pass through, then wouldn’t it be considered a basket if the ball simply cleared the rim? If the net were tied together then the game would change because players would have to be gentler with the ball to lay it in the hoop so it wouldn’t bounce out of the net. Of course, the net would never be tied together so this sort of consideration is absurd. But considering Corbin Kaufusi’s strong force with which the dunk was placed, and the fact the ball was only impeded by the net, perhaps the game requires Corbin to be gentler because the net might seemingly “goaltend” the ball as if it were tied together.

I think the review by the officials should’ve found that the dunk by Corbin Kaufusi should’ve counted and that the net goaltended the ball. This non-counted basket had no effect on the game as the score was already Pepperdine 75 and BYU 86, but let’s give Corbin credit for his great play. At a most basic level, this event sparks the question, “When is a basket a basket?” Am I wrong? Is this not a basket?

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