Health Care Bill Failed to Give Democrats Political Black Eye

Syndicated Columnist and Fox News Contributor, Charles Krauthammer provides insightful analysis as to why the GOP and Speaker Paul Ryan failed to gain adequate support for the health care bill. As part of his insight, he repeats what I have been telling my friends and family since this bill was initially proposed by Speaker Ryan. Charles said that the GOP should have put everything desired in the House bill (i.e. demands of the Freedom Caucus) such as tort reform and options for buying health care across state lines. The House would then pass this bill and send it to the Senate where the responsibility for the legislation’s failure would be placed on Democrats who likely would’ve filibustered and killed it. As a result of not following this strategy, the Republicans walk away from today with embarrassment rather than giving the Democrats a political black eye for failing to pass replacement legislation.

The Republican Party failed to unite around a solid health care plan after complaining about Obamacare for 7 years. The party owes it to voters to get repeal and replace legislation. This is the promise the party and President Donald Trump campaigned on. Now is not the time for debate within the party on what is needed to be included in the replace legislation. The demands of the Freedom Caucus should’ve been represented. It is fair to criticize Speaker Ryan’s bill as “Obamacare Lite”. This legislation was a cowardly attempt to appease the Democrats when it should have bravely demanded a turn away from government mandated rules seeking to force a single payer system.

The Freedom Caucus of the Republican Party courageously resisted this bill forcing Speaker Ryan to have a “repeal” of his own legislation. Hopefully, it will be replaced with legislation including the repeal and replace that was promised to voters. The longer it takes for Speaker Ryan to listen to voters and members of the Freedom Caucus, the more difficult it will be to overcome the inherent permanence resulting from any government program.

The Republican Party now runs the risk of assuming part of the blame as Obamacare fails. While Obamacare belongs to former President Barack Obama and Democrats, the fact that Republicans couldn’t unite to pass a worthy replacement under Speaker Ryan’s leadership isn’t going to free the GOP from responsibility as Obamacare gets worse. Consequently going forward, perhaps the leadership of the Republican Party needs greater representation from members of the Freedom Caucus? Maybe the party needs to “recall” and replace Speaker Ryan before “repeal” and replace can finally be delivered?

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