White Lion’s Anthology ’83-’89

White Lion Anthology '83 - '89


In 2004, White Lion, a famous 80's hard rock band, released Anthology '83-'89, a 30 track compilation of never before released songs, and demo versions of songs from previous albums. This compilation includes demo versions of ALL White Lion singles (see Wikipedia). The tracks include:

Disc 1

  1. Hungry*
  2. Lady Of The Valley*
  3. Wait For The Blackout
  4. All Join Our Hands*
  5. Tell Me*
  6. Say Goodbye
  7. When the Children Cry*
  8. Little Fighter*
  9. If My Mind Is Evil*
  10. Living On The Edge*
  11. Cherokee*
  12. Cry for Freedom*
  13. How Does It Feel
  14. The Road To Valhalla*
  15. Early Warning

Disc 2

  1. Lights and Thunder*
  2. Back On The Streets
  3. Love Don't Come Easy*
  4. Out With the Boys*
  5. It's Over*
  6. You're All I Need*
  7. Broken Heart*
  8. Till Death Do Us Part*
  9. Farewell To You*
  10. Deep In Love With You
  11. Two People
  12. Rock You Tonight
  13. Evil Angels
  14. Ride Through The Storm
  15. We Rock All Night

*denotes a demo track


This album starts out with "Hungry" and if you are in need of some a song to get your day started, this is it. It starts out with a a melodic acoustic run before guitarist Vito Bratta triggers up the electric guitar exemplifying his well known musical excellence. The pause is about the longest break you hear the rest of the album. This song's beat is rapid, and it's guitar riffs are at a very fast pace.

Midway through the song, after a pause in Mike Tramp's vocals (as the drum keeps the beating), he belts out, "Here comes the king..." and Vito performs one of his masterful guitar solos.

While this song is about being "hungry for your love," any rock music enthusiast will find ecstasy in listening to "Hungry" and the rest of the tracks on this album. After learning that most of this music on this album was from demos, I pondered, "What were they thinking with the tracks placed on their studio albums?"Anthology '83-'89 is most definitely the greatest hits of White Lion, and their best versions of their songs. The compilation as a whole make Anthology '83-'89 one of the top 10 rock albums of all time. Unfortunately, White Lion never achieved the fame that would seem necessary in order for the statement to seem true. But, the synergy found in this compilation of tracks describes what rock music from the late 80s was all about. Most rockers from this period probably dream of being in a band producing music like White Lion achieved in Anthology '83-'89.

Let me mention a few other items about the tracks. First, remember the song "Wait"? On Anthology '83-'89 it is titled "Wait For The Blackout". This version of the song is better. Trust me, just listen to it!

Their great hit "Tell Me"? On Anthology '83-'89, this song is once again one of the best songs on this list, and it is not just because it was a great song when it was released in 1987. This version much different (and improved) including the lyrics. It is seems that if the version on Anthology '83-'89 truly is a demo, then the original release was a "commercialized" version of the song. If I were in a rock band (doing covers or something similar), I would want to play the Anthology '83-'89 version of this song.

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