SQL – A Look Back

Recently, I was asked to share my SQL experience with an interested professional. Since it has almost been three years since this coursework, I struggled to remember the training received.

I have been out of school now for over two years. My last SQL class was Spring term 2012. This class was an Advanced SQL class. We used Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Management Studio Express along with AdventureWorksLT database throughout our coursework.

Later that day after being asked to share my SQL knowledge, I remembered that I had samples of my knowledge on an old, now useless WordPress site. This site was originally created with intent to share knowledge I acquired over the years in school and work, etc. The samples were practice questions for my Advance SQL final. It was acceptable to use these problems as notes during our final, so I placed them on web pages so I could reference using another screen.

Since I still have these sample question posts, I figure I can share them on this new website I am creating (stantonlesieur.com).

If interested, here are some items to know:

I believe the database for some of these sample problems can be found here: AdventureWorksLT2008 database.

Additionally, we were given another database called Northwind.

I used the following reference books:

Sample of my SQL Knowledge

Here are links to each sample question; notes for my class SQL final:

  1. SQL Question 1
  2. SQL Question 2
  3. SQL Question 3
  4. SQL Question 4
  5. SQL Question 5
  6. SQL Question 6
  7. SQL Question 7
  8. SQL Question 8
  9. SQL Question 9
  10. SQL Question 10
  11. SQL Question 11
  12. SQL Question 12
  13. SQL Question 13
  14. SQL Question 14
  15. SQL Question 15
  16. SQL Question 16
  17. SQL Question 17
  18. SQL Question 18
  19. SQL Question 19
  20. SQL Question 20
  21. SQL Question 21
  22. SQL Question 22

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