• shawnee-chapel-winter-bw-01

    Shawnee Road LDS Church in Spokane

    This portfolio is of pictures of the Shawnee Road chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in…

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  • Baby Deer Outside Our Home

    Baby Deer Outside Our Home

    These photos are presented to share the view of these baby deer.

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  • In Winter Snow

    In Winter Snow

    The snow started falling and sticking around the week before Christmas. The white covering provided for a wonderful winter Christmastime…

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  • White Christmas 2015

    White Christmas 2015

    Here's some photos of the wonderful White Christmas 2015 at our home in Spokane.

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  • BYU-Idaho (or Ricks College)

    BYU-Idaho (or Ricks College)

    This portfolio is a collection of photographs taken as I walked around the campus and parts of Rexburg, Idaho, where…

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  • Golden Spike National Historic Site

    Golden Spike National Historic Site

    In Promontory, Utah is the location of the driving in of the golden spike connecting the railroads from the east…

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  • This Is The Place Monument

    This Is The Place Monument

    A significant part of Utah State history is found at This Is The Place Monument at This is the Place…

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  • Temple Square

    Temple Square

    Temple Square is a well-known location in the state of Utah because of the large presence of the Church of…

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  • Logan Utah Temple

    Logan Utah Temple

    I hope visitors of this website will enjoy these photos of the Logan Temple as they provide glimpse of one…

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