White Christmas 2015

The Inland Northwest has been blessed with a wonderful covering of snow during the winter of 2015. Often in past years, the snow will come and then melt away after a few days. This year, during the month of December, the snow has fallen enough to remain on the ground providing a White Christmas.
This portfolio contains photos taken by my wife on December 24th and myself on December 26th. These photos are taken at our home near Spokane, Washington. The covered trees droop from the weight of the snow. The roof of our house supports hanging icicles. Our dog can be seen running in the deep drifts. His dog house sits quietly under the neighboring pine trees. Our trampoline is blanketed with a few inches of winter white covering. And our deck attached to the backside of the house is weighed down by snow.
This 2015 winter snowfall accents the Christmas lights at night. Our neighbor’s house can be seen out our front window. The neighbor put up a nice display of Santa on a sleigh with two reindeer in front, and white lights across the front of his house. We didn’t do as well, only placing green and red lights around our front windows followed by white lights in the bushes on each side. There is also a tree near the road that has lights that isn’t lit up after the power cord was severed by a tractor shoveling snow out of our driveway. Next year, we hope to add more lights so travelers in passing cars enjoy more from the view. Hopefully, the snowfall will manifest next year like it has this year.
The likelihood for falling snow is one of the benefits of Christmas in the Inland Northwest and Spokane area. The precipitation builds up on the west side of the mountains in Idaho. The elevation increases heading northward from Ritzville, so when the wet weather falls, it is more likely to be snow. Each day on the way to work, there are often accidents on the roads as a result of the weather, but usually most drivers keep a cautious pace and respect each other considering the traveling conditions.
While the wet winter weather has made us more cautious when venturing out to go shopping during the Christmas season, we have not had any trouble. Overall, the 2015 snowfall has brought enjoyment. The temperatures have been cold enough for the snow, but not frigid as can occur during the winter when the cloud cover disappears.
I hope the snow from this white Christmas will remain through the New Year and into the dreary month of January. In the meantime, our family will enjoy the holidays, Christmas lights, and opportunity to be together as a family.

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