Tumalo Mountain Hike 2011

On September 20th, 2011, I drove out near Mt. Bachelor in Oregon to try a hike up Tumalo Mountain. This is a wonderful hike near Bend, Oregon (about 22 miles to the west) that provides a wonderful view of the Three Sisters Mountains nearby, as well as Mt. Bachelor. The view at the top is delightful. So pleasing, I once saw a picture from the same location used on Bing Desktop as their photo of the day.
The hike is officially 1.8 miles up to the summit, for a round trip of only 3.6 miles. The elevation climbs 1,200 feet making this a wonderful way to get an enjoyable workout, especially for those living near Bend.
After heading west from Bend on the Cascade Lakes Highway, on the north side of Mt. Bachelor, there is a parking area (Dutchman Flat parking area) near where the road splits into two directions. The trailhead is on the northwest side of the parking area.
As the hike begins, there are tall trees that can be seen in early pictures in this gallery. The view of Mt. Bachelor (which is to the south) and the surrounding area expands as you climb up the forested terrain. Soon the trees start to thin and view opens up. On a warm day, there is a lot of sun exposure, but I found it warm and enjoyable in the late summer.
At the top of the mountain, the view of the west-side toward Bend is viewable. The view of Bend and the surrounding area is remote enough that you won't see much of it, but it’s interesting to see some of its presence.
There is a lot of dust on the trail. Since I have only taken this hike on warm days, I can only guess it would be muddy on a wet day.
Not until you reach the summit and you traverse across a cool line of trails towards the north-side, do you see the majestic view of the Three Sisters in front. The view is a bit shocking. For here, you can enjoy the wonderful view of the wilderness to the north and west.
I believe from my experience living in Central Oregon that September is the best time for hiking. By this time, the snow has melted off the mountains and there is a significant decrease in the visitors from out of town.
It is important to not confuse the Tumalo Mountain hike with the Tumalo Falls hike, which I also have explored, because the drive to Tumalo Mountain is off the Cascade Lakes Highway whereas Skyliner Road is taken to access a dirt road leading to the Tumalo Falls Hike trailhead. These roads are separated geographically, so going to one is not the same as going to the other.

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