Temple Square

Temple Square is a well-known location in the state of Utah because of the large presence of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The 10-acre Temple Square location is in downtown Salt Lake City and includes two visitors’ centers, tabernacle, assembly hall, and temple. Adjacent to Temple Square are other significant LDS Church locations including the LDS Church Office Building, Administration Building, Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Beehive House, and Conference Center. My visit includes photos of all of these locations. It should be noted that the LDS Church also has more buildings nearby such as the Family History Library and Church History Museum and Church History Library. Additionally, a few blocks away are the Utah State Capitol and The Pioneer Memorial Museum.

As you click through my images, you can notice that the environment is very open. In front of the Conference Center is a fountain with the actual Temple Square behind with the Salt Lake City Temple in view. I was disappointed to not be able to enter the Conference Center because of preparation for an event. I have never been inside the Conference Center, nor actually attended in person a General Conference of the LDS Church. But, I do watch it on television and can confirm the Conference Center is an amazing location.

Temple Square can be a busy environment hosting many visitors. LDS missionaries are easily available to answer questions about the history and teachings of the LDS Church. These missionaries come from many countries so visitors can readily be assisted in their native tongue. I remember a pleasant conversation with a beautiful friendly sister missionary from Argentina inside the assembly hall. She did a good job speaking English (rather than Spanish) even though she did have a noticeable accent.

Almost all of my photos inside the visitors’ centers included family members so I didn’t include them for privacy. This is unfortunate because the displays are well put together and interesting to explore. I wish I could have provided more examples in this portfolio.

If you are not an LDS Church member, you might find the visitor’s centers on Temple Square the most interesting part of a visit as compared to the historical structures like the Joseph Smith Memorial Building or Beehive House. Perhaps, the visitors’ centers are the best way for a non-LDS Church member to learn about the church without feeling threatened although there are many missionaries eager to answer any questions you may have.

I enjoyed contemplating the history of the tabernacle and assembly hall. The tabernacle was the location of General Conference until April 2000.

I was less impressed visiting the Beehive House since not much of the house was available to be seen – like upstairs.

I’ve always enjoyed visiting the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. During this visit, I got some pictures from near the top. These photos have some disruptive glare but I included samples as they provide a top down view of Temple Square and east Salt Lake City. I also enjoyed looking at the portraits of the prophets of the LDS Church.

The LDS Church Office Building towers over Temple Square. I didn’t go inside on this visit – or the Administration Building – but I am fairly sure I have when I lived in Utah going to school.

After my visit to Temple Square, I raced over to This Is The Place Monument about 15 minutes’ drive east near the University of Utah. You might want to look at those photos or visit that site someday.

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