Shawnee Road LDS Church in Spokane

This portfolio is of pictures of the Shawnee Road chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Spokane, Washington in the wintertime with a blanket of snow. I’ve taken pictures of this same location in the springtime, so the idea to take these photos was an easily thought of idea when going to the church building on an early Saturday for a youth activity for my kids. My family liked how the snow and ice drooped down from the branches. I wasn’t sure if I liked having vehicles in the photos, but there is a real quality to a church with cars parked nearby.
On Sundays, the parking lot is filled most of the day as two separate church groups (based on geographic location) currently meet in this building at staggered times. The LDS Church has multiple chapels throughout the Spokane area and Inland Northwest, including a temple located in Spokane Valley. For more information on the LDS Church, you can visit or this Nine Mile Falls Ward Facebook page.

I added black and white versions of the same photos because the snow and ice appears well without the color. If you view the slide show by clicking the grid, you can compare the black and white and color version of the photos.

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