Mount Baldy Hike

At the beginning part of July 2014, I went with the Boy Scouts to camp. There was a day set aside for the troops to choose activities; like a free day. Our troop decided to get up early and hike to the top of Mount Baldy. My understanding is this was a 10 mile hike (round-trip). Without much sleep, we started up the trail. From the very start, the scenery on the trail was enjoyable to see. Naturally, members of the troop differed in abilities to climb the steep terrain.

I carried my older lightweight digital camera. I would rather have brought my nice 35 millimeter camera, but that would have been difficult to carry. Along with my tiny camera, I carried about 35 pounds of water that helped me and a few scouts quench their thirst.

Unfortunately, a significant problem with this camera is in that the edges of the photos are blurry. As you click through the images, you might notice this.

I left photos of the troop members out of this slideshow.

While there is snow in some of these pictures, the temperature climbed to over 80 degrees even at this high elevation. There was another troop that stopped and jumped in the glacier lakes.

During this hike, you don't see Mt. Rainer until you climb to the highest summit. Until then, you have no idea that Mt. Rainer is so close.

One of the pictures has a view down towards the scout camp. See if you can find which photos that is.

This definitely was an enjoyable hike. I recommend it to anyone wanting to enjoy the views of the Washington State Cascades on a summer day.

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