Logan Utah Temple

I traveled with my family to Utah via Idaho in mid-July. Along the way, we decided to depart from the normal route to pass down through Logan wherein resides the Utah State University and the Logan Temple belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons).

The Logan Temple is one of the older LDS Church temples. It was announced to be built in 1876. Construction began the following year in 1877. The construction was completed and the temple opened seven years later in 1884.

Logan is located close to the border of northern Utah not far from Preston, Idaho where the movie Napoleon Dynamite was filmed. Prior to this trip, I had only passed through Logan once. I first came to Logan at the end of my first year at Ricks College. My dad and I drove south from Rexburg, Idaho to Roy and Ogden Utah where some extended family resided. All I remember is passing through Logan and seeing the temple.

On this trip, it was dark and cloudy at we stopped and got out of the car. I was surprised at how busy this temple is. There were many parked cars and individuals entering and leaving this temple. I didn’t expect to make this slideshow, so I only used my cell phone to take these photos rather than a better camera. Regardless, the photos are fair and I figured it is better to share them than not as they have some value.

I hope visitors of this website will enjoy these photos of the Logan Temple as they provide glimpse of one of Utah’s wonderful structures. It took quite a while to build in a time in Utah’s history when such an undertaking would require much effort and sacrifice. Its influence has been felt by many who have been inside as part of the Mormon faith, as well as those who have enjoyed its beauty in the Logan community. If you are ever in the Logan, Utah area, it is worth your time to stop by see the Logan Temple.

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