Baby Deer Outside Our Home

Our home’s yard is frequently visited by wildlife, most often turkeys, deer and moose. Yesterday, when walking outside in the snow, I noticed deer tracks in the snow in our driveway in front of the garage. It isn’t uncommon to see signs of the deer passing through our yard, but I haven’t seen them in a while.

Then today, I caught a glimpse of something passing by the front living window. I jumped up and saw a few baby deer. There were at least 6 deer exploring the front yard. They wandered around eating items out of the snow and our bushes by the front window. Some stepped onto the front porch. I joked with my family about opening the door.

I grabbed my camera and went to the other side of the house and took a few pictures through the dirty window (as can be seen in the first few photos). To get a better view, I went upstairs to my daughter’s room and took more photos until they wandered up the road.

These photos are presented to share the view of these baby deer. The deer population is dense in this part of the Inland Northwest near Spokane where we reside.

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