4th of July Fireworks Downtown Spokane

On the 4th of July, my family traveled downtown in Spokane to watch the fireworks over the waterfront. We didn’t have a lot of time to find a good location to watch since we originally were going to watch the fireworks in Suncrest past Nine Mile Falls. We left around 8:30pm to go to Suncrest, but when we got to Lakeside Middle School, we were told that the fireworks were postponed due to the high fire danger.

It made sense that there were so many cars headed toward Spokane as we drove out to Suncrest because the show had been postponed. As we turned around and headed toward Spokane, we wondered, why would one day make a difference on the fire danger? We debated whether we should attend the fireworks display on Sunday (because that is our Sabbath day). Fortunately, we made the decision to head downtown for the Spokane waterfront show.

We didn’t have to navigate through too much traffic. We decided to head toward one of the parks on the South Hill to catch a view. The parking lot at Edwidge Woolsen Park was full of cars and people, so we went into a parking lot across 7th and Stevens Street. The parking lots were not full and we were able to pull in and easily catch a view of the show.

The weather was warm making for a comfortable evening outdoors. The show only lasted for 20 to 30 minutes, but that was long enough.

I found it enjoyable to watch with the city lights providing a backdrop. This wasn’t just a fireworks show; this was a Spokane event. The fireworks brought out the city residents enjoying each other’s company. Sure, I didn’t like the car blaring some awful music from within, but fortunately they kept the windows closed most of the time and didn’t behave poorly. My daughter and I walked up and sat on some tables nearby and got a better view. The family already seated nearby didn’t mind. We all overtly respected hoping not to infringe on each other’s experience.

You can see some of the show in these video clips I recorded on my phone. The videos aren’t the best quality, but they provide a taste of the 4th of July fireworks experience in downtown Spokane. The videos are listed below starting with the earliest, and ending with the finally. There are 6 video clips in .wmv, .mp4, and .ogg formats.

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