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Stop Speedometer Range Abuse

Why do speedometers show ranges greatly surpassing the recommended swiftness levels for all types of vehicles? It seems illogical for the speedometer to show and measure a range of speed, that if obtained for any significant period of time, would likely lead to a traffic citation with fines more than most individuals can afford. Even…
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My Praise for Soft Drink Throwbacks

The other day, I walked into the local gas station and was shocked to see Mountain Dew Throwback on the shelf, “limited time only” on the label. I was impressed by the retro packaging from its original hillbilly theme. I took some home not expecting much difference, but I was shocked by how much better…
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Is Religious Fiction A Source of Truth?

I have always considered “religion” some sort of organized collection of beliefs or theories related to understanding the true nature of our universe. Comprehension of the presence or existence of God is inherently related to understanding the makeup of the world. As religious beliefs are developed, a certain faith is developed, that is a “hope…
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Whew! Burger King is Open Christmas Day

Last night I decided to pass by Burger King after my class at Central Oregon Community College released early. For some awful reason, my taste yearned for a Whopper. So I took an alternative route home to pass through the Burger King Drive Thru. As I drove into the parking lot, I looked up at…
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