My Hammock

Sitting on Hammock on Sunny Autumn Day

Sitting on Hammock on Sunny Autumn Day

Although the days are getting shorter, I still enjoy sitting outside in the warmth of late summer. My wife purchased this hammock some time ago and I use it every year to lie on and relax. She knows me well enough to understand that a hammock is one of the best gifts a loving spouse can buy for her summer outdoor loving husband.

There is no better place to be than outside in the summer. From this angle, you can see the trampoline my kids jump on. To the left is the apple tree that feeds the moose that live in the trees on the right side. Finally, you can see my feet that bear the weight of my enlarging body as I get older. These feet have served me well taking me many places.

I share this picture because it also shows the world from my view… I hope to return here often.

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