Historical Marker for Ano Santo 1950

In the middle of a road that runs east and west towards the ocean in the community known as Perafita, is this historical marker for Ano Santo 1950. In this picture, I pose underneath the towering cross. My guess is that this photo was most likely taken near February or March 1989. My missionary partner was Elder from Wyoming who worked with me from the beginning of January through most of March, possibly into April. We had a lot of success meeting and teaching the people of Perafita. As a result, this was one of the more enjoyable time periods during my mission.
While my memory is likely inaccurate after all of these years, it seems to me that this day was sunny but cold. We started working in Perafita in February after our success in Leça da Palmeira near Matosinhos was minimal. I remember the month of January was dark and wet. February seemed to be cold. Eventually the warmth of spring made the last few months working in this area more enjoyable. This was nice considering both Leça da Palmeira and Perafita have a nice ocean side that we traveled each day.
I need to go back into my journal entries to remember more about this time period. In the meantime, please enjoy this picture that shows this historical landmark on the Portuguese streets.

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