Picture with Boy on Bike in Perafita

Picture with Boy On Bike in Perafita

Picture with Boy On Bike in Perafita

My third area I served in while a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was in port city called Leça da Palmeira.

Leça da Palmeira was on the north side of a bridge that crossed the port located on Atlantic Ocean. We used to walk across this bridge to visit Matosinhos, the previous area where I served. Matosinhos was part of the usual course we would travel on our way to Porto, our mission home. The difference between Porto and Matosinhos was sort of negligible considering the whole area seemed one large city.

The house we rented in Leça da Palmeira was located with a view of the port and Atlantic Ocean from our back deck. Since we were so busy, we really didn’t go out there much. Rather, we would sometimes walk over to the port and visit with the fisherman. We were fascinated by the Soviet Union ships with the well-known hammer and sickle on the side. We used to stare at the many ships out on the waters of the Atlantic. Since it was late winter and early spring, we were safe to visit the beach enjoying the sites.

As one traveled northward out of town, the countryside would open up a bit. After my first month there, my missionary partner and I decided to investigate the area northward for new contacts. The other guys working in our area joined us. At first we simply walked northward exploring the area. Later we ended up taking a bus to our desired area.

We found a unique community called Perafita. Perafita could be described as a series of neig

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