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Is Religious Strategy Acceptable on Survivor?

Te Tuna Banner From Survivor South Pacific During the most recent season 23 of CBS’s television series Survivor: South Pacific the strategy employed by the final five contestants Albert Destrade, Benjamin “Coach” Wade, Sophie Clarke, Rick Nelson, and Brandon Hantz from the merged Te Tuna tribe was claimed on the tenants of honor, loyalty, and…
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Is Religious Fiction A Source of Truth?

I have always considered “religion” some sort of organized collection of beliefs or theories related to understanding the true nature of our universe. Comprehension of the presence or existence of God is inherently related to understanding the makeup of the world. As religious beliefs are developed, a certain faith is developed, that is a “hope…
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Thanks for the Hot Chocolate!

I woke up very early on Black Friday (the famous day after Thanksgiving when the Christmas shopping season officially begins) and stood in line at Best Buy with hopes of obtaining one of those early shopper deals. Best Buy opened their doors at 5:00am. Starting at 3:00am, fliers were passed out to those in line…
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