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Is Religious Strategy Acceptable on Survivor?

Te Tuna Banner From Survivor South Pacific During the most recent season 23 of CBS’s television series Survivor: South Pacific the strategy employed by the final five contestants Albert Destrade, Benjamin “Coach” Wade, Sophie Clarke, Rick Nelson, and Brandon Hantz from the merged Te Tuna tribe was claimed on the tenants of honor, loyalty, and…
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Please Turn Off the Sports Ticker

I enjoy watching college football. Now that football season has returned, I often set my DVR to record the games so that I can be sure to watch them at a later time if I am unable to watch them live. While it is possible that someone will spoil the outcome of a game before…
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America’s Alaska’s Got Talent?

I started watching NBC’s America’s Got Talent last year and found the show relatively enjoyable. The show is touted as a search for America’s best talent as the shows judges (Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and Howie Mandel) travel to multiple cities watching tryouts providing either a “yes” or “no” vote to accept participants as candidates…
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