So far in my short time in the Le Sieur Family residence, I have been adequately fed, bathed, scratched, and given a place to bury my feces. Stanton has provided me a nice home with lots of places to explore. At night, after the kids have gone to bed, I can sprint from one side of each room to the other side with my super hero cat speed and jump onto locations I otherwise would be forbidden if the kids were around.


Although, one disappointment with Stanton is he doesn’t allow me outside. He claims that is driven by his wife pet owner who took me in her car to another human and had my claws yanked out. So much for getting a simple relaxing manicure…  Apparently, there is a fear that if I go outside, the coyotes will eat me. I guess I can accept that excuse.


Stanton also doesn’t like it when I climb on tables or eat his food. While he does scratch my head and back fur, he will push me away when I get close to him too often. I guess he needs his space in our relationship. Also, Stanton doesn’t let me on his bed at night, so I am always seeking others to share a bed with.


Despite these disappointments, Stanton is one heck of a pet owner. He smells much better than other humans. He helps me keep my extra-long tail out of the flames of the wood stove when I walk by. He recently purchased some heaters for parts of the house and I love sitting right next to the warmth they generate. If you are a cat looking for a good place to sleep, I recommend you send your meows to Stanton.

Lucy, Family Cat