Monthly Archives: November 2010

Thanks for the Hot Chocolate!

I woke up very early on Black Friday (the famous day after Thanksgiving when the Christmas shopping season officially begins) and stood in line at Best Buy with hopes of obtaining one of those early shopper deals. Best Buy opened their doors at 5:00am. Starting at 3:00am, fliers were passed out to those in line…
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Support Public Health & Use a Toilet Seat Cover

Sometime last year, I was at work in a discussion with my colleagues about the one bathroom shared amongst 20 or so individuals. The bathroom is often filled and we have to get up and check to see if it is available for use (that is if anyone is inside). If someone is inside, individuals…
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I’ve Got Gmail Now

I used to sit at work with headphones on often listening to a streaming hair band station. Often, I have heard the song by the Canadian rock band, Honeymoon Suite, that formed in 1982. In 1984, they released a song called “New Girl Now.” Check out their video to this song: Honeymoon Suite – New…
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